Why Join Our Elite Plan?

     Our Elite Plan is specifically designed to help move traders towards trading independence. The goal with this service is to provide working professionals with an active swing trading strategy which can produce consistent profits each month. We mainly focus on stocks and ETF's which are below $20 and have a profit target objective of 10%-20%, rinse and repeat. We also target larger above $20 stocks as well for those with larger trading accounts and have a profit objective of consistent 3%-7% wins for this category. Every strategy we use (scanning, breaking down charts, spotting plays, and so forth) is available in our Advanced Video Library for you to learn how to do on your own as well so you will not always need us! With this plan you will get: 


1 on 1 Mentoring

You will receive as much 1 on 1 help and guidance as needed to succeed with your trading. Fast response to all emails and questions!

Advanced Video Library Access

You will receive access to our ever expanding Advanced Video Library where we add new educational videos designed to help you improve as a trader! These videos come at no additional cost to you. 

Daily Watch-list

You will receive a daily video watch-list delivered directly to your inbox each day which includes a list of potential trades. Each stock breakdown contains an entry level, profit target, stop loss, and full technical breakdown. These trade ideas are meant to serve as great supplemental trades to what you are already finding in your own scanning.  

Intra-Day Market Updates

 As an Elite Member you will receive intra-day market updates via email which will cover the overall market movement for the day along with in-depth analysis on current trades on watch. 

Live Educational Webinars

Complete access to all live educational webinars and small group sessions offered!

Trading Courses 

As an Elite Member you will receive complete access to our Powerful Candlestick Patterns and How to Trade Them mini trading series. To gain lifetime access to our Level 1 and Level 2 Learn to Trade Like a Pro Educational Courses, look to join either the Complete Trading Program, or the 1 on 1 Mentor Program! Our Learn to Trade Like a Pro Course covers everything a new trader needs to know to begin trading successfully in the stock market. A must have for new/intermediate traders!  


We Work With You Every Step of the Way

     The biggest struggle for most new traders is your natural tendencies work against you. Immediately after becoming one of our Elite Students, you will receive access to our in-depth New Trader Checklist. This list is built to guide you through each of our videos lessons and all of our educational content. If followed properly, it will have you prepared to trade upon completion! We don't just give you all the tools then expect you to figure it out on your own. We work with you as much as possible to see that you are moving in the right direction! 


What Our Current Elite Students Are Saying

"Tanner's service walks you through step by step and shows you his thought process to build the confidence. Now I understand all the things I have been doing wrong. Wish I found his service earlier that could have saved me from all the mistakes I have been doing and losing $$. His track record is consistent with high win rate, but most importantly, he teaches you to be independent so you can do everything on your own even though he is always prompt and works with you to improve until you get it. Sign Up for his service! If you do everything he shows you, it will pay for itself and then some. You won't be disappointed." -Bobby

"I have been a member of Mytradingschool.com for three months. This is one of the best and most profitable websites trading services that I have tried. The main trader, Tanner, is accessible 24/7, answers all questions asked with remarkable detail and honesty, and puts out an amazing volume of information in his emails. No question is too stupid, nor asked too many times. Tanner is always willing to respond with a polite and detailed answer. His trading course provides a solid overview of the method that he teaches, and the rest can be filled-in with his "Elite" service videos and asking him questions as you subscribe to the service and see his method in action day-by-day...His trading calls to date have been accurate and he provides them through a nightly video of between 15 and 30 minutes that always begins with a market overview and proceeds to discuss open positions and stocks that the service is watching for entry. This is truly the best trading service I have come across..." -Michael

"MyTradingSchool.com has been everything I needed! As a new trader, I was completely unsure on how to proceed in the trading world. Tanner has been amazing in helping me avoid many beginner mistakes and actually learn how to understand the markets." -Carter

Examples of Trades Elite Students Have Made From Our Daily Watch-list

These stocks were tracked as hypothetical trades based on the average entries and exits of students who emailed their results in. It is important to understand it would be unrealistic for one individual to enter all of these trades at the same time. 


Current Advanced Video Library Content Available to All Elite Students

-Support and Resistance Practice Part 1

-Support and Resistance Practice Part 2

-Support and Resistance Practice Part 3: Various Time Frames

-Trend Trading Part 1: Practice Drawing Trends

-Trend Trading Part 2: Long Term Position Trading

-Support Reversal Play Strategy

-Setting Buy Ranges Practice

-Pump and Dump Emails: Why You Should Avoid Them

-Utilizing the 15 Minute Chart to Spot Swing Trade Entries Part 1

-Utilizing the 15 Minute Chart to Spot Swing Trade Entries Part 2

-Swing Trading Money Management Skills 101

-Mastering 1 or 2 Set-Ups to Ensure Long Term Success

-Scanning With StockCharts.com Part 1: Using the Slow Stochastic to Find Reversal Plays

-Scanning With StockCharts.com Part 2: Combining Multiple Indicators to Find Reversal Plays

-Brief Inside Look Into Nightly Scanning with Finviz.com for Daily Watchlist

-Using the E-Trade Pro Scanner Part 1

-Setting Alerts With StockCharts.com Part 1/Managing Your Alerts

-Setting Alerts With StockCharts.com Part 2

-Creating an Overlapping Comparison Chart with StockCharts.com

-How to Scale Out of a Trade

-Trading the DJIA

-Trading the S&P 500

-Trading Gold and the US Dollar

-Trading Oil and Energy Related ETF's

-Trading the Housing Market

-Stock Hedging Introduction

-Paper Trading Simulator

-Applying Our Strategies to Shorter Time Frames Example

-How to Set-Up E-Trade Pro For Trading

-Utilizing and Understanding Bollinger Bands in Trading

-The Cup and Handle Formation and How to Trade It

-Reverse Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern and How to Trade It

-Bullish Candle Reversal Patterns Part 1: Bullish Engulfing and Bullish Piercing Candle Formations

-Bullish Candle Reversal Patterns Part 2: Bullish Harami and Inverted Hammer

-Bullish Candle Reversal Patterns Part 3: Morning Star

-Short Selling Introduction Video: What is Short Selling?

-How To Calculate Your Profit or Loss Using a Phone App

-Williams %R

-L2 Quoting System Student Question/Review

-Student Questions Episode 1

-Student Questions Episode 2

-Student Questions Episode 3

-Student Questions Episode 4

-Student Questions Episode 5

-Student Questions Episode 6