Student Questions Episode 5

In this student question video we discuss the following questions:

1) “If you could start over as a trader, what would you do different to ensure success sooner? For example if you were a student for your elite plan, how would you approach things?”

2) “I would like to know how the risk/reward fits into the support/resistance. At least I THINK that is where you are going with your risk/reward theory...In other words, if the price of the stock is closer to resistance and farther from support, then your risk/reward wouldn’t be very good - right? You want to buy in as close to support as possible and count THAT as your risk...Then set your reward at the level of the resistance above while looking at 10%-15%. Also, how you calculate the 10%-15% would be nice too...How you calculate this stuff at the end of the day.”

3) “How often would you sit and watch the market on your computer if you weren’t doing it for your watch service? I’m trying to figure out how to "time" my entry and exits without having to sit in front of my computer all day long...I actually have a business that gets me sidetracked sometimes! Besides, it drives me nuts looking for "plays" while the action is going on! I think I am much better at looking at the charts at the end of the day and staying away from the drama during the daytime! Does that make sense?”


  • Student Questions Episode 5