2016 Elite Plan Sale!

      One of the most important things in becoming a successful trader is having all the necessary tools needed to execute an effective trading plan. At The School of Trading we not only provide you with those tools, but are there with you every step of the way in helping you master the art of trading stocks. 2016 has the potential to be the year where you begin to take control of your financial portfolio and future!

     With our Elite Plan Annually you will receive a nightly watch-list with in-depth stock analysis where we label entry levels, profit targets, stop losses, and go over exactly what needs to happen for each trade to be an entry. Each day we continually evaluate all running trades so you are not left wondering what to do and anytime we add a new trade, we do a complete breakdown for you. Not only that but you will receive continuing education from our Elite Members Video Library where we add new video lessons each week specifically designed to help you continue to learn and grow as a trader!

     The best part about the package is our Learn to Trade Like a Pro Course. Our course will set you up to be your own independent trader and to be able to make your own successful trading decisions. To top it all off, anytime you need help or have questions, we'll be there for you!  By joining our Elite Plan Annually for a flat $200 a year you also get our trading course for a 1 time fee of $50! Hope to be working with you soon! -Tanner