November 30th, 2015 Watch-list

Hey all! So all new plays/market overview will be in video format tonight for you to view. All current plays will be broken down for you below! If you have any questions, let me know!


  • November 30th, 2015 Market Review/New Plays


    Current Under $20 Plays:

    BTG and GG: We've seen both of these charts essentially hold within their initial buy ranges without seeing the strong topside move we had hoped to see. Gold has been somewhat held down by the strong dollar. We are seeing the indicators start to lose some momentum which could be a sign of a downward reversal (just something to be aware of). Though they haven't hit our stops yet, for those of you who want to free up capital for better plays, don't hesitate to. For those wanting to hold, my stop for BTG is roughly $0.98 and for GG it is $11.20. BTG profit target still the 50ma (currently at $1.14). GG profit target $13.

    NTG: This is one that initially appeared as if it was going to run without many of us. Has since retraced, bottomed out, and now appears to be moving higher with the buy signal having been given again on the 24th. Initial profit target is still the 20ma. As usual, have your 1/2 stop set. Want to see this one, in the short term, hold above $16.

    LSG: Starting to see this one come down more, just like we were hoping. Has started to enter our buy range. Majority of indicators still show room to fall however, so do not enter until we see 3/4 indicators settle near their oversold levels and begin curving up. Initial chart below for you to review.

    BBEP: This one gave us a buy signal on the 24th, but was at the upper end of our buy range and has pulled back slightly. Indicators were giving a buy, but have since fallen out of a buy. Hoping to see this one hold above $2 and begin to make its topside move. If we do pullback further, it is vital for those that entered to have your stop in place. You may have a situation where it stops you out, but provides a second entry opportunity at a lower price. In the meantime however, hoping to see this one hold above $2 and start to make it's way up towards a close above $2.10. Annotated chart below for you to review.

    Current Above $20 Plays:

    CHD: This is a play that has already broken all of our profit targets, however I know some are holding for the push higher. Be aware however that we are starting to see the daily indicators top out. A pullback may be coming on this chart. For those that are in, do not hesitate to take profit up in this level. Chart below for you to review.


    HCP: Has also broken our initial profit targets. For those that are holding for a push higher or who have 50% of their shares remaining, be aware that the daily indicators are starting to top out. Have your trailing stop set and don't be afraid to take profit up in this level.

    KHC: Very similar to HCP and CHD. Has already broken our intial profit targets. Chart appears to be top heavy. If you are still in, have a trailing stop set. Again, to repeat, don't hesitate to lock in profit in this level. Remember, with our above $20 plays we're looking for consistent 3%-7% wins. You've achieve that here. 


    Hoping to add 2 above $20 plays this week and another below $20 as we transition out of our current positions. Not going to force it however. Quality of quantity. If you have any questions, let me know! Have a great night!