November 23rd, 2015 Watch-list

     Hey all! So we saw the market close the week higher on Friday with the Dow finishing up over 578 points for the week. We are however approaching some key resistance levels on the daily chart (shown below). We'll want to see if the price is able to break the red line in the 17977 range. If it does we could see it move higher towards that 18351 resistance level. All 3 simple moving averages currently acting as support below the current price level. Here's the chart breakdown for you to consider:

As for our current plays:

BTG and GG: Both saw a move lower Friday as the gold market came down. Good to see some take profit in BTG in the $1.10 plus range. Just as I mentioned in the market update, don't hesitate to lock in profit up in that $1.10-$1.15 level. Hopefully we can see BTG settle and move higher early this week, same goes for GG. Have your stops in place on both however!

FTR: Saw this one make a move right up near that $5 resistance and target (hit $4.99). As I mentioned in the market update, good to see many locking in profit in the $4.90-$5.00 range. For those still in, move your stop up to your entry level to protect the downside. Hopefully we can see a strong move early this coming week and a break above $5.

NTG: Right down back into our buy range and actually appears as if it may come back to that descending support line. As we discussed many missed the initial entry on this play as it did reverse and give a buy slightly above our entry level. If we can see it settle again and re-give a 3/4 buy signal, could be a great entry for us that missed the initial entry! Keep on watch

FCEL/LSG: Still waiting for both of these to settle down to us. We added these to watch early before they were buys so we could be fully prepared as they come down. Both charts will be attached to the email since they are not yet plays and we are still watching.

BBEP: This one has finally moved its way down into our buy range. Would love to see it settle even further. Key now is to watch for that 3/4 buy signal. Here's the annotated chart to consider:

 CHD: One of our above $20 plays. Has broken all of our profit targets. For those still trying to ride this one higher, make sure to utilize a trailing stop. One could even utilize the 50ma or 20ma as trailing stops here. Great overall play!

HCP: Another higher priced play. Continuing it's push higher. Take profit on the way up with this one. Remember, with these higher priced plays we look for solid 3%-7% consistent wins. Next key break is $35 and the 20ma.

KHC: Saw a big move early Friday. Gave some good profit opportunities for some in the $75 plus range. We want to see this one re-break those 20 and 50 sma's for a continued topside move. For those still in, move stop loss up to entry level. 

Plays to have on watch for potential entries this coming week: BBEP, FCEL, and LSG.


Hopefully we can see some of the small cap plays come down a little further to us and as we exit some of our current positions we can add a few more to our current new list of 3. Any questions, let me know!