New Trader CheckList

     At The School of Trading our main goal is to get you to the point where you can make your own successful trades and ultimately make money. By working with countless students who are new to the trading world, we've been able to see what is and what is not effective. We've seen the major difference between those who are committed to learning first and take their time, and those who merely want to trade right away without building a solid foundation. It is for this reason we've created the New Trader Checklist. The list consists of a series of tasks you should complete before ever putting real capital at risk. We walk you through, from beginning to end, which videos to watch, what to focus on, and so forth. We encourage you to interact with us by sending us charts that you've annotated with things you learned in certain videos. The checklist is designed to force you to go through the steps our most successful students have gone through. Can it be frustrating at times not jumping right into trading? Absolutely. But in the end you'll be glad you waited and focused on learning first. To view the New Trader Checklist, follow the link below. It is recommend you print it out and check off the boxes as you complete each task. As usual if you have any questions, let me know!

Download New Trader Checklist Here