May 9th, 2017 Watch-list

Hey Traders! Not much new to add to what we've already been discussing the past few days on the overall market. The DJIA posted a small green day today and is still essentially moving sideways, like it has been for the past week plus. Remaining neutral for the time being. Daily chart below with key support and resistance labeled for review. 

Current Stocks/ETF's on Watch:

NUGT: Basically an even day on this one, however we were in the red for much of the day and were able to rally back into the green which is a good sign. Next key break, $29.72, followed by $30. Chart below for review. 

UFS: Basically an even day as well here on this one. We do not yet have the 3/4 daily buy signal intact. Keep on watch heading into tomorrow. Chart below with technical breakdown and buy criteria, stop loss strategy, and profit targets.