Mastering The New Stock Market Trading Program

This may seem long, but it's important you read every word of it...You want the truth about the stock market? The real honest truth? It's changed. It's not the same game it was 10 years ago. Far too many people got burned by professional financial managers back in 2007 to ever trust them with their money again. I don't blame them. Buy and hold can be profitable, if managed properly! But here's the the same time you bought and held a stock for 5 years, experienced swing traders traded the same stock 10, 20, even 30x over for consistent profit as it trended higher. So, you held for a solid 13% gain over 5 years 1x over, but they traded the same stock for consistent 5%-15% wins over and over again using basic swing trading principles. Which person do you want to be?

In the new stock market, one cannot merely rely on others to buy and hold, expecting the market to continue to trend higher forever. It will eventually crash, and it will crash hard if history tells us anything. When it does, would you rather be in control of your financial decisions, or someone else? This is what our program is all about. Teaching you how to manage a portion of your finances in the new stock market on your own using basic swing trading strategies. Is this a get rich quick scheme? Absolutely not. It's a way for you to put in the time and learn how to make money in the new stock market consistently over time. 

What Does This Program Give You?

With this program, we provide you with all of the tools you need to go out and make consistent profit in the market on your own. Here's what you'll get:  


1 on 1 Mentoring

First and foremost, we're there for you every step of the way. Without a doubt you'll have questions, and we're here to provide as many in-depth answers as we can. We want you to ask as many questions as you need! No question is too stupid or a waste of time. You will receive as much 1 on 1 help and guidance as needed to succeed with your trading. Fast response to all emails and questions! We'll even go as far as to make specific educational videos for you if needed to help you master a topic. 


Advanced Video Library Access

With this program we've put together an Advanced Video Library consisting of 50+ educational videos designed to teach you, at your own pace, the necessary core principles you need to know to produce profit in the market. This place will become your home when you're part of the program and you will absolutely take your trading to another level with the content provided. Normal retail value, $397. 

Daily Watch-list and Weekly Picks

Educational videos are great, but seeing trades produced in real time will make a massive difference. With our daily watch-list, you'll see the life of a trade from beginning to end. You will also receive 3-7 new trade ideas each and every week! You'll see how we breakdown charts, plan to execute trades, manage trades, and more. You will receive a daily watch-list delivered directly to your inbox each day before the next trading session which includes a list of potential trades. Each stock breakdown contains an entry level, profit target, stop loss, and full technical breakdown. These trade ideas are meant to serve as great supplemental trades to what you are already finding in your own scanning. With our program you'll learn how to do it on your own, but this watch-list will be there to help you in the beginning. You get it included for free for the entire first year of the program! Normal retail value, $239 a year. 

Intra-Day Market Updates

 As a member you will receive intra-day market updates via email which will cover the overall market movement for the day along with in-depth analysis on current trades on watch from the daily watch-list. These will help to keep you up to date on the market movements and will help you be better prepared to enter and exit open trades.  

Trading Courses 

As a Member you will receive complete access to our Powerful Candlestick Patterns and How to Trade Them mini trading series along with our Level 1 and 2 Learn to Trade Like a Pro Educational Course! Our Learn to Trade Like a Pro Courses cover everything a new trader needs to know to begin trading successfully in the stock market. It is where you will start with the program. It will be the major difference maker in your trading success. A must have for new/intermediate traders! These courses will be yours for life, as will the Powerful Candlestick course. Normal retail value, $491. 

35 Step Trading Guide

Upon joining, you will receive access to our 35 Steps to Trading Success guide. This guide walks you, step by step, through each video to watch and in what order. It prompts you are times to complete "homework" assignments to send in for review and feedback so you know you are progressing properly. This guide takes you from the beginning stages of trading, on to paper trading, and eventually live trading. We designed this guide based off of what our most successful students have done. It is a go at your own pace guide and will give you the best chance to succeed if followed as closely as possible. 


What Current Students Are Saying About This Program:

"Tanners service is run incredibly professionally and offers everything a new trader needs to find success." -Amit

" has been everything I needed! As a new trader, I was completely unsure on how to proceed in the trading world. Tanner has been amazing in helping me avoid many beginner mistakes and actually learn how to understand the markets." -Carter

"Really wonderful service! Just purchased 3 trades from the watch-list this last week, CLNE, IDRA, and BAS. All were profitable and easy to manage using what Tanner teaches!" -JS

"Honestly I've used a few trading newsletters now, and each one has failed to actually teach me how to trade. This... has me right on track and finding success in the market! Really good for those with a second job who cant always stare at their computer screen all day! 5 out of 5 stars for me!" -Michael


Examples of Recent Stocks Students Have Traded From Our Daily Watch-list Using Our Method

These stocks were tracked as hypothetical trades based on the average entries and exits of students who emailed their results in. It is important to understand it would be unrealistic for one individual to enter all of these trades at the same time with a small trading account 


Discover High Quality Stocks Without Being Attached to Your Computer All Day!

We understand that most new traders also have a 9-5 job, so our main focus is to provide you with the tools that will allow you to make and manage trades while also working your regular job. Our program is designed to allow you to make money without being attached to your computer all day! We provide you with educational videos that allow you to automate trades with ease. We also give you everything you need before each trade to know when to enter, where to set your automated stop loss, and where to set your automated profit target. It's all about managing time, and keeping things simple. 

Build Your Own Retirement Fund, or Second Source of Sustainable Income! 

This program is meant to help you gain control of your retirement fund, or even to simply build another source of sustainable income for you and your family. We've taken all of the most important things you need to know to be a successful swing trader, packaged them into an easy to follow program with 35 actionable steps, and delivered it to you without all of the unnecessary noise that you can find on the internet. 

Only 35 Total Spots are Available! 

Like mentioned above, our goal is to work as closely as possible with each student. So, we are only allowing 35 total students into this program at a time. That means we will not allow another student in after the 35 seats are taken until one of the current students completes the 35 step program. On top of that, the first 35 students who join will get the program for over 60% off! After the seats are gone, the price rises for any future student. Lets get to work!