January 25th, 2016 Watch-list

Evening Traders! In the video below is a complete breakdown of both the DJIA and S&P 500 along with some thoughts on the correlated ETF's we've been discussing as plays the past few weeks. Below the video you will find written breakdowns of all current plays. Enjoy!

Current Below $20 Plays:

BLDP: Student request play we've been tracking for some time now. Moved right into the labeled buy range and saw a decent move Thursday follow by a strong gap up and move Friday. Many of you have exited for profit which is great! For those still in, next key break is a re-break and close above that 20sma. Want to see it hold the $1.30 range. If you are still in, have your stop, at least, moved up to your break even price.



BDN: This one started to see a decent move topside Friday, closing up 2.67%. Next key break is the high from January 19th of $12.72. After that, $13. Want to see it hold above $12 moving forward.



Current Above $20 Plays:

CHD: This one has seen two decent green days in a row and has been able to break out of our buy range. Next key break is that descending 20sma. Would like to see this one hold above $80 if we do get a red day. Consider moving you stop loss up to your break even price as we move up to limit risk.




KO: Entry on this one was difficult due to the fact the price moved up Friday and gave the buy as it was above our labeled buy range. We'll keep this one on watch going forward for those who may have been able to grab an entry. Perhaps we can see this one come down again for us going forward.



VMC: This one saw a good move Friday after giving an initial buy Thursday. Went up near our profit target but fell slightly short. Next key break is that $88.07 high set on Friday. For those who haven't already, lock in profit on the way up.