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     Hey gang, below you will find one of the first videos we feature in our Advanced Video Library dealing with support and resistance. Support and resistance is one of the most important concepts for any new trader to learn. Without it, understanding future trading concepts will be impossible.

     You may be asking yourself why we include such a beginner level concept in our "Advanced" video library. Well, part of mastering any concept is repetition. In our Learn to Trade Like a Pro Course we cover support and resistance in depth. But, due to the need for constant re-learning and repetition, we cover it again in our Advanced video library multiple times. Practice makes perfect!

    I hope you find some benefit from this video and if you have any questions, let me know! If you are looking for added help and training when it comes to the market and trading, I'd love to have you on our team as either an Elite student, or a member of our 1 on 1 mentor program, 35 Steps to Trading Success! Enjoy!