February 22nd, 2017 Watch-list

     Evening traders! The market continues to push higher with the DJIA setting another all time high today and gaining 118.95 points overall! As has been obvious, my approach has been to step back a bit and let this rally die out. It has lasted much longer than myself and many others anticipated however! If we can see another decent pullback for a few days, we'll look to load up on a new batch of plays moving forward! It wouldn't surprise me to see a market pullback in the next 5-7 market days. DJIA daily chart below for review. 

Current Open Positions:

No current open positions, however for those who did hold GNK for our second target, we were able to break that today. All should be out for profit. Solid overall trade on the second round here! 

New Plays to Consider: 

1 new play to add with a breakdown tonight, however I do have my eye on the following that could turn into a play in the coming days as well: CRNT. If we can see this one fall a little further, we'll most likely be adding it to watch. New play below.  

UFS: Very simply strategy here. We have this one settling back into a key level of support. We're looking to see buyers, as they have in the past in this range, come in at this level and begin to pick up shares which will cause the price to move higher. Strategy below with buy criteria, profit targets, and stop loss strategy.