February 11th, 2016 Watch-list

     Hello traders! So today we saw the market down with the DJIA down 99.64 points and the SPX down 0.35 points. We are however seeing the daily charts for both the DJIA and the SPX down near key support levels and near bottoming out indicator wise. Continue to watch that 15340 level for the DJIA as a key area to hold as we move forward. Both charts below for review.


Current Below $20 Plays:

AMCC: We're seeing this one start to dip down into our buy range. It's time to focus in more and start watching those indicators moving forward. Still seeing a little room to fall on 3/4 indicators.


ATNM: Still hanging right above our buy range with this one. 2/4 indicators starting to curve up here however so hoping we can see this one dip down a little more before giving our buy. 


RENN: Seeing this one start to move right into our buy range. Indicators entering their oversold levels. Focus in for that 3/4 buy signal as we move forward.