December 9th, 2016 Watch-list

     Evening traders! The market continued to push higher today with the DJIA gaining 65.19 points and setting a new all time high. We're seeing all of the daily indicators for the DJIA incredibly overextended and hanging in their overbought territory. Daily chart below with current support and resistance labeled. 

Current Plays on Watch: 

SDOW: Not much new here. Treating this play as a reset after the continued fall. Still watching for a 3/4 sell signal in the DJIA, then a 15 minute buy in SDOW. Keep on watch tomorrow and early next week! 

VIX/VXX: Another day of positive movement for those who are in the $VIX options still. Hoping for a strong close on this one tomorrow. VXX basically an even day with a small .06 point gain. We'll see what tomorrow brings on these two. 

SPY/SPXS: SPY has continued to push higher as the overall market has moved topside again. As a result, nothing new at this point on SPXS. Also treating this one like a reset, so look for the 3/4 sell signal in SPY, then a 15 min buy in SPXS before entering. Like I mentioned a few days back, if we can see another green day for the market tomorrow, I'll look to get some puts options trades in the works for early next week on the SPY.