December 7th, 2015 Watch-list

Hey all! Market overview as well as an introduction of a new below $20 play contained in the video below. Review of all other plays are located below the video! Enjoy!


  • December 7th, 2015 Market Overview and Watch-list


    Current Below $20 Plays:

    GG: Saw a solid 5.47% move Friday as Gold really had a strong move. Broke our first target, $12.50. Second target of $12.75 right around the corner. For those that exited for profit, great job! For those still holding, move stop loss up to at-least your break even price after commission. Next key resistance $13.


    CLD: Nothing new here. Still sitting right in our buy range. Looking to see those indicators start to curve up again! Stop set at $2.49, with initial target $3. Adjust your stop depending on entry. Remember, if it happens to fall and stop us out, keep on watch as we may have a second entry opportunity at key support below the current price level.


    LSG: Continued its move topside Friday, seeing a 3.9% gain and breaking our first target of $0.80. For those that exited, great job! Next target for those still holding, the 50ma. Raise your stop to your break even price after commission to reduce risk.



    Current Above $20 Plays:

    SPG: Still waiting for this play to come down to us a bit. Saw a strong push Friday with the overall market. Do not chase in this level. Be patient and let's work to get the ideal entry price within our buy range as we receive a 3/4 buy signal. Keep on watch going forward!



    EXPD: Very similar to SPG, we saw this one push higher with the overall market Friday. Do not chase in this level. Let's continue to wait and see if we can get this one within our initial buy range. Be patient!