December 4th, 2015 Watch-list

     Hey everyone! So overall we saw the market have a big pullback today with the DJIA falling 252 points and the S&P 500 coming down nearly 30 points. With that said, both SDOW and SPXS saw nice gains as they are inverse ETF's for the DJIA and S&P 500! SDOW is right near our first target of $18. Second target if we see a strong push, $18.25. Raise stop loss up to entry price (after commission) to reduce risk involved. SPXS working its way up to our first target as well, $17.50. Raise stop loss to entry point as well to reduce risk. both charts below!


Current Below $20 Plays

GG: With gold seeing a nice move today, GG was able to see a modest 1.94% gain. We've been able to hold above $12 which is good. Need to see this one make its move however as the indicators are already crossed above or are crossing above their mid level points. Raising stop from $11.20 to $11.45 to reduce risk. It's time for this one to move. If it comes down we'll stop out with less risk involved.



CLD: Not much new to report here. Formed a doji candle today. Indicators are looking a little better than yesterday which is good. Profit target still the same. Stop loss $2.49, adjust yours depending on entry to represent a 1/2 R/R ratio. Remember, if this happens to come down and stop us out, keep on watch as it does have more key support below the current price level.


LSG: Solid move today. Was expecting this one to maybe fall further, but it hasn't and actually has given a few buy signals the last few days in the low .70s. Next key break is a break and close above the 20ma at .77. After that we have our first target of .80. Stop loss set at 0.687. Adjust yours depending on entry to represent a 1/2 R/R ratio. Remember, this one also has key support below the current price level. If it happens to pullback and stop many of you out, keep on watch for a potential re-entry.


NTG: This chart appears to be turning against us at this point. We had talked about moving your stop loss up to your entry price. Most were in the high $15.60's low $15.70's which most likely means you were stopped out for a break even. Utilized at $15.73 stop to represent a break even after commission. Going to move on from this trade. Any still in, keep your stops set and hopefully we can see this one turn around!


Above $20 Plays

SPG: Saw this one fall slightly today which is exactly what we want to see happen. Need to see this one fall further into our initial buy range. Nice thing about this play is it does have a lot of support. So if we happen to fall through our initial buy range, we'll have other areas to look to as potential bounce points.


EXPD: This one also came down more today, which is good. Watching for it to continue to fall within our initial buy range where we will look for a 3/4 buy signal before taking an entry.