December 3rd, 2015 Watch-list

     Hey all! Video below contains a market overview for the DJIA and S&P 500 as well as analysis for SDOW and SPXS. The video also contains analysis of current gold plays, BTG and GG (beginning at 5:05 mark).  Two new above $20 plays added as well, SPG and EXPD. Below the video you will find a review of all current plays. 


  • December 3rd, 2015 Market Overview and Watch-list


    Current Below $20 Plays:

    BTG/GG: Discussed in video.

    SDOW/SPXS: Discussed in Video

    NTG: Overall saw a small red day today. Down 1.29%. As we discussed yesterday and in the market update, move your stop loss up to your entry price to limit the downside risk in-case this play does turn against us. Was good that we were at-least able to hold above $16. Next key break the 20ma. Profit target adjusted to $16.50. Maintain a 1/2 R/R stop as usual. 



    CLD: Red day today. This play had seen a great move and nearly hit our target yesterday, but fell slightly short. As we've discussed, have your stop set. This play does have support below our current entry level, so if we do get stopped out we'll keep on watch for a potential second entry. In the meantime hopefully we can see this one work it's way back up and pull those daily indicators back into a buy. Next key break $2.915. Stop set at $2.49, initial profit target $3. Adjust your stop depending on entry.


    LSG: As I've mentioned the last few days, was expecting this one to come down a bit more and wanted to see those indicators fall a little further (specifically the MFI). But, if we can settle in this range, could be a good play. Any that took an entry in this level (as we did see a buy signal given), initial target adjusted to .80, followed by the 50ma. If we come down further simply execute your 1/2 stop and keep on watch as it settles to the second support level. Hopefully we can see this one make a move!