December 2nd, 2015 Watch-list

Hey all! Video below contains a brief market overview as well as some discussion regarding BBEP and the gap down. Below the video you will find a review of all current plays. 


  • December 2nd, 2015 Market Overview and BBEP Analysis



    Current Below $20 Plays:

    BTG: Saw this one make its way up and break our first target, the 50ma. Came near our second target as well, $1.20. For those that exited, great job! For those holding for a move higher, chart does appear to have some more upward momentum, however the indicators are above their mid levels. If we can break $1.20, next target $1.25. Consider raising stop to entry level to lower risk.

    GG: Was able to go up and break/close above $12, which is a good bullish sign. Next key break $12.25. Making an initial profit target adjustment of $12.50. Stop loss still set at $11.20. 

    NTG: Saw a good move early today. Ended up closing in the green overall which was good to see. Indicators crossing their mid level points. Want to see this one make its move on the 20ma soon. Initial target still the 20ma, followed by $16.85. Move stop loss up to entry price to lower risk.

    LSG: Was waiting, as mentioned in the review yesterday, for price to hopefully fall a little further on this one as the indicators appeared to still have downward pressure. Closed essentially even for the day and didn't give more of a dip as hoped. Indicators are starting to curl up as well. Watch this one early tomorrow. If we can settle in this level, could be a good play up towards the 50ma. Lower priced and slightly higher risk, so consider going in smaller capital wise.


    CLD: This one initially gave a buy yesterday, before pulling back. Gave a second buy today and saw a great early move up into the $2.90's which was great to see! Initial profit target still $3, but don't be afraid to take profit in the $2.90 level. Did pullback off the highs to close the day, but still closed in the green. Indicators starting to come off bottom. Stop loss set at $2.49, adjust depending on your entry to represent a 1/2 R/R ratio. If we close above $2.80 tomorrow, move stop loss to entry price.