December 21st, 2015 Watch-list

Hey all! Video below contains a complete market overview as well as commentary on the market going forward. You will also find a breakdown of our new plays, AAPL and CHD. Below the video you will find a review of all current plays.



Current Below $20 Plays:

ZIOP: This one showed good potential early before coming down further for us on Friday. Indicators are all fairly bottomed out. Bringing the upper end of the buy range down to $8.50. Keep on watch going forward.



NCT: This one had seen a great move for us, but did see a small pullback before pushing higher Friday. We had talked about at-least moving your stop loss up to your entry price. For the super conservative, a stop in the $3.90's could also have been utilized. For those still in, have your break even stop set in place.



ELNK: We saw a nice move on this one last week. As we discussed, all stops should be, at worst, at your break even price. For those who exited 50% at our first target and utilized a trailing stop, you most likely got stopped out for profit Thursday/Friday. Good trade overall!



IDRA: Discussed in video. 

Current Above $20 Plays:

EXPD: Slight adjustment to the buy range on this one since we have seen it come down a bit. We were hoping it would pullback. Didn't expect it to fall this much, but as we initially discussed this one does have a good amount of support below the current price that could provide potential bounce points. Keep an eye on those indicators.



KHC: Had seen a nice move before pulling back with the rest of the market. All stops should be moved up to your break even price to reduce risk. Want to see this one hold above $70 ideally for a move higher.