December 10th, 2015 Watch-list

Hey all! Market overview plus a review of the NCT chart in the video below. Review of all other plays below the video!


  • December 10th, 2015 Market Review and NCT Breakdown


    Current Below $20 Review:

    CLNE: Starting to see this one work its way up. Remember, this is a much higher risk trade, so if you are in or plan on entering, go in smaller and have your stop loss set! Next key break is a break and close above $4.


    ZIOP: Still watching this one as it settles down to us. Getting closer to our buy range. Keep on watch. Initial chart below. 


    NCT: Put this one on watch early so we can be fully prepared as it settles down to us. Full breakdown contained in video above. Here is the chart.


    Current Above $20 Plays:

    SPG: This one appeared as if it was going to run without us, but did come back slightly today. Keep an eye on this one to close out the week and hopefully we can see some more selling pressure come in and push this one down to us.


    EXPD: Has moved within our buy range. Indicators show a little more room to fall, but are entering their oversold levels. Keep on watch. Would be ideal to see the MFI and RSI fall slightly more before reversing. 



    KHC: Starting to see the indicators come down more like we had hoped. Would like to see the RSI move down slightly more. Keep on watch. This one is close to entering our buy range.