August 29th, 2017 Watch-list

Evening traders! Another small red day for the market today as the DJIA continues to hold between the 20sma resistance level and the 50sma support level. Overall the DJIA was in the red by 5.27 points. Still remaining market neutral, especially until we see if we break above the 20sma, or below the 50sma. Daily chart below with key levels of support and resistance labeled for review. 

Current Plays on Watch: 

ATSG: Decent move on this one today as we now have the daily buy intact, and did move higher off of a higher low on the 15 minute chart right at the open for the day. As I mentioned in the intra-day market update, if you happened to have grabbed an entry as we came off that higher low at the open, have your stop loss locked in. If you are still waiting for an entry, watch this one closely tomorrow. If we can get a pullback, and another higher low on the 15 minute chart with the daily buy still intact, that could be a good time to secure an entry. Chart below for review. 


New Play Added to Watch: 

IRBT: Another set-up similar to many of the other trades we have targeted lately. Nice ascending support line, price has retraced right back to that support line, and the technical indicators are bottomed out and already giving a daily buy signal. Simple support reversal trade. With the daily buy intact, all we need to look for at this point is the 15 minute buy (so long as the daily buy remains intact). Full chart breakdown is below with trade details!