April 2nd, 2018 Watch-list

Hey traders! Our watch-list is completely empty at this point, and with the way the market has been the past month, that is not a surprise to me. With that said, we are starting down the path of building back to a solid 3-5 quality trades at a time on watch, whether they be watch-list trades or quality student requests. Tonight we're going to keep it simple. No need to do a video watch-list for this one since we have broken it down so many times on recent video watch-list! The new trade being added to watch is APPS.

APPS: We had traded this one 2x in the past for profit as a student request and watch-list trade as it held that nice ascending pattern for some time. It has now however broken out of that ascending pattern, and has settled down to a horizontal support level. It is not as strong as when it was in the ascending support pattern, but the chart set-up is still nice. Simply put, we're looking for this one to see a reversal off of the current price level. Does that mean we're looking for it to reverse back into an ascending pattern again? No. It may reverse and hit our targets, then head lower. Or, it may just continue lower and never give us a buy. We just need to do our part and wait patiently for the complete buy signal which is listed below. Full chart breakdown below for review. Let me know if you have any questions at all! Have a great night! -Tanner