April 25th, 2016 Watch-list

     Evening traders! Hope everyone had a good weekend! The overall market was essentially even to close out last week as we're seeing the DJIA hang right around that 18000 level. Support wise the next key area to watch is the daily 20sma for both the DJIA and the SPX charts. We're still very technically topped out at this time, so the risk is still very high to enter above $20 plays. Both the DJIA and SPX daily and weekly charts are below for review with key support and resistance labeled.

Current Below $20 Plays:

AHT: We saw this one close last week just like we wanted it to. It has now started to settle down into our labeled buy range. Indicators still heading down, so hoping to see this one move even lower for us early this week. Remember, do not chase. Lets be patient here.



MNGA: Essentially nothing new with this one. Hanging right around that 20sma on the daily chart. Not liking the way we've been moving ever since we saw that nice move up to $1.14. As we've discussed, have all stops moved to within 2% of your entry price to reduce risk. Hopefully we can see a pop early this week here or we'll simply move on. 


NLS: Nothing new here. Still waiting for this one to settle down into our labeled buy range for us. Keep on watch.


KNDI: Nothing new here. Looking like we're seeing a small rally on this one. Let's stick to our original plan and be patient on this and wait for it to enter our labeled buy range.


DRIP: Still watching this high risk/high reward play closely. As we've discussed, we need to see a 3/4 sell signal on USO and a 3/4 buy signal on DRIP before taking an entry in DRIP. Keep on watch.

RGLS: Student request play we had on watch a few days back. Has started to see a decent move the last 2 days. For those who are in, next key break is $7. Nearest support, $6. Would like to see the volume pick up on this one moving into this coming week.

Current Above $20 Plays:

TZA: We saw this one turn red on Friday after giving us the buy signal and solid move Thursday. Still right in the same area we've been in for the last 4 days. Hopefully we can start the week strong. Have your 1/2 stops set for those who are in.