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      Are you looking for more in-depth help and training when it comes to learning how to trade options for profit? If so, Jonathan can help! Jonathan has spent years trading options and has worked with countless students to help them become profitable options traders! 

     By signing up for his 1 on 1 private training program, you will receive 3 hours of individual attention to go over any specific area you need help with. Popular topics include: Finding OTM options, Scalping Gamma, Greeks, Placing Orders in the Options Market, Options 101, Unusual Options Activity, Money (and trade) Management, Advanced Swing Trading and more! You have questions? Jonathan has the answers! You pick the topic! 


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Learn From a Proven Pro! 

In 1998, Jonathan Rose began his career on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  As a pioneer of computer based trading, Jonathan was a key player in providing liquidity to the young Globex market. After 5 years trading Nasdaq Futures he was recruited to join a technology focused Fixed Income trading firm.

From 2003 to 2010, Jonathan was one of four Senior Partners at a proprietary trading firm in Chicago. He joined the firm as the 6th employee and ascended to the position of Director of Futures Trading where he was responsible for all proprietary trading operations. Jonathan built and directly managed a large group of traders (15+) and was responsible for overseeing the performance of the trading floor (60+ traders). Jonathan trained in excess of 30 traders in all aspects of Fixed Income trading.

From 2010- 2013, Jonathan had been an Equity Options Market Maker on the CBOE.  He developed and managed his own portfolio, actively trading 100 plus stocks concurrently.

In 2014, Jonathan joined a private Family Office (Hedge Fund) in the suburbs of Chicago. Jonathan has worked with the firm’s investment team designing and implementing a pair trading investment strategy that focuses on Closed End Funds. He also promotes and supports other strategies within the firm, with a focus on business development. Jonathan graduated in 1997 from the University of Miami, FL with a B.S.  He is a 2015 Level 2 CFA Candidate.

Jonathan completed the Madison Ironman in 2011, as well as 4 Marathons in the last 4 years. He spends his free time with his beautiful wife, two boys and his guitar.