Level 2 Learn to Trade Like a Pro Educational Course

$ 197.00

This course is designed for those who have already completed the Level 1 Learn to Trade Like a Pro Educational Course and are looking to take what they learned there and put it into action. Whereas the L1 Learn to Trade Like a Pro Course lays the foundation you’ll need to find success in trading and teaches key trading principles, this course builds upon that and teaches you a clear and concise strategy to use day in and day out! In this course, we show you how to use what you’ve learned to find consistent profit!

With this course you'll have the option to interact with us as we help you progress through each video and master the concepts being taught! We provide the option to complete homework assignments that you can send in for review and feedback so you can know if you are progressing properly. This course, combined with our Level 1 course, will have you ready to tackle the stock market! Let's get to work! 

Course Outline: 

  1. Introduction Video

  2. Support and Resistance Practice Part 1

  3. Support and Resistance Practice Part 2

  4. Support and Resistance Practice Part 3: Various Time Frames

  5. Trend Trading Part 1: Practice Drawing Trends

  6. Trend Trading Part 2: Long Term Position Trading

  7. Support Reversal Play Strategy

  8. Setting Buy Ranges Practice

  9. 15 Minute Buy Technique

  10. Basic Reversal Play Strategy

  11. Scanning With StockCharts.com Part 1: Using the Slow Stochastic to Find Reversal Plays

  12. Scanning With StockCharts.com Part 2: Combining Multiple Indicators to Find Reversal Plays

  13. The 4 W's of a Trade

  14. Swing Trading Money Management Skills 101

  15. Conclusion

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