The 10% Club: Become a Successful Stock Trader September 7, 2015 20:20

90% of traders fail, 10% succeed. It's a common fact I'm sure all of you have heard. Why on earth would any intelligent person want to enter into a business where the odds are so heavily against them? The reality is 90% do fail, but there is a clear reason why they fail...They let emotions drive their decision making and they have no clear plan for profit. Our main goal as a service is to separate you from the 90% of traders who have yet to find success. We call it our 10% Club. One becomes a member of the 10% club as they start to consistently see profit in the market and grow their account size. What are the main attributes of a member of the 10% Club?

   1) They are robotic. They've learned to master their emotions while trading. The main enemy for new traders is themselves. Their emotions drive their decision making, and in return they make bad decisions and lose money. Our trading course, from the beginning, begins to teach you the psychology of trading and how to separate yourself emotionally from your trading decisions. Until one masters their emotions, they will in no way begin to see consistent profit.

   2) They have a clear trading plan. Having a clear trading plan prevents new traders from making the most common mistakes. Our trading course lays out from start to finish the key points of a trading plan, and sets you up to go out and execute. From knowing how to find stocks to trade to spotting entries using one of our set-ups, an elite trader has separated himself from the 90% of traders by staying diligent to his trading craft.

   3) They treat it like a business. This isn't some hobby to pass time for us! Many of you are looking to make a career out of this and hoping to be able to quit your 9-5 job and trade full time. Members of the 10% Club manage their money with care. They utilize the most basic swing trading money management skills we teach, and in return their account grows. Trading isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. The best traders understand that respecting and protecting their capital over the long haul is what will set them apart.


Too many make trading out to be rocket science. It isn't. Through our Elite Plan and trading course, we'll help you separate yourself as a trader. Is it going to be the easiest thing you've ever done? No! It'll take time, commitment, and dedication to the task at hand. If you stay committed however, you yourself will become a member of the 10% Club and will be able to live your life the way you choose! We look forward to working with you!