Your Trading Education is Our Top Priority!

         Are you interested in learning how to trade in the Stock Market? If so, you've come to the right place! At The School of Trading our goal is to help you learn and master the most effective and proven trading strategies that will help you find consistent profit in the market! Whether you get our various educational courses, our Elite Plan, or our 1 on 1 mentor program, we are confident we can improve you as a trader! 


    Our Most Popular Trading Package: The Elite Plan

    Aimed at capturing 10%-20% reversal/breakout moves on stocks and ETF's ranging from $0.50 to $20.00 and a consistent 3%-7% for stocks/ETF's $20.00+

    Ideal for small start-up accounts to larger full time traders

    Daily in-depth stock trading watch-list with buy levels, profit targets, stop losses, and full technical breakdowns

    Access to all live educational webinars

    Access to premium educational content in our Advanced Video Library

    Live intra-day email updates on the overall market and specific trades

    Plus more! 


    What Our Current Students Are Saying About Our Program

    "Tanners service is run incredibly professionally and offers everything a new trader needs to find success." -Amit

    " has been everything I needed! As a new trader, I was completely unsure on how to proceed in the trading world. Tanner has been amazing in helping me avoid many beginner mistakes and actually learn how to understand the markets." -Carter

    "Really wonderful service! Just purchased 3 trades from the watch-list this last week, CLNE, IDRA, and BAS. All were profitable and easy to manage using what Tanner teaches!" -JS

    "Honestly I've used a few trading newsletters now, and each one has failed to actually teach me how to trade. This course has me right on track and finding success in the market! Really good for those with a second job who cant always stare at their computer screen all day! 5 out of 5 stars for me!" -Michael

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    Discover High Quality Stocks Without Being Attached to Your Computer All Day!

         We understand that most new traders also have a 9-5 job, so our main focus is to provide you with the tools that will allow you to make and manage trades while also working your regular job. Our program is designed to allow you to make money without being attached to your computer all day! We provide you with educational videos that allow you to automate trades with ease. We also give you everything you need before each trade to know when to enter, where to set your automated stop loss, and where to set your automated profit target. In reality, some jobs are simply too demanding to allow you time to trade however. Feel free to send us an email at to discuss further if our service is realistic for your situation!


    Examples of Recent Stocks Students Have Traded From Our Daily Watch-list

    These stocks were tracked as hypothetical trades based on the average entries and exits of students who emailed their results in. It is important to understand it would be unrealistic for one individual to enter all of these trades at the same time with a small trading account 

    Our Goal is Trading Independence for you, not Dependence

       The true goal of any aspiring trader should be to get to the point where they are able to find and execute trades on their own. Our main goal as a service is to get you to that point! Our students are trained to understand why they are making a specific trade, what the specific buy set-up is, what the stop loss should be, and what the profit target is. They are taught to manage and adjust trades day by day without having to stare at their computer screen during every trading hour. We are NOT interested in making you dependent upon us for your success. We want to provide you with every tool you need to make yourself a success! That, and that alone, is our mission!


    Included With Our Elite Plan:


    1 on 1 Mentoring

    You will receive as much 1 on 1 help and guidance as needed to succeed with your trading. Fast response to all emails and questions!

    Advanced Video Library Access

    You will receive access to our ever expanding Advanced Video Library where we add new educational videos designed to help you improve as a trader! These videos come at no additional cost to you. 

    Daily Watch-list

    You will receive a daily video watch-list delivered directly to your inbox each day which includes a list of potential trades. Each stock breakdown contains an entry level, profit target, stop loss, and full technical breakdown. These trade ideas are meant to serve as great supplemental trades to what you are already finding in your own scanning.  

    Intra-Day Market Updates

     As an Elite Member you will receive intra-day market updates via email which will cover the overall market movement for the day along with in-depth analysis on current trades on watch. 

    Live Educational Webinars 

    Complete access to all live educational stock trading webinars we host for Elite Members!

    Trading Courses 

    As an Elite Member you will receive complete access to our Powerful Candlestick Patterns and How to Trade Them mini trading series. Along with that our Learn to Trade Like a Pro Educational Course is included for free in our Annual Elite Plan, and can be added on to the Monthly or Quarterly Elite Plan for a 1 time 50% off discount! Our Learn to Trade Like a Pro Course covers everything a new trader needs to know to begin trading successfully in the stock market. A must have for new/intermediate traders!